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TOOL (4 issues series)

Genres: Science-Fiction, Action/Adventure

In a near future, corporations and investment banks will rule the world.

Joseph Hamming, a researcher in the University of Montreal (Canada) has a strange accident that will mark the beginning of a soul-searching journey and change his destiny for good.

He will become the last hope of mankind to fight the "Dominators": a secret organization that wants to replace all the human beings with a new race of Nietzschian “overmen”, created with biotech engineering.


Writer and Artist: Francesco Salvatore

Colorist: Wilmar Castro

Translator: Alice Salvatore

TOOL: unbound #1

Page count: 30 + 1 cover

Minimum age: 12

Release date: 12/25/2011

Joseph Hamming has an accident in the university laboratories. He undergoes a mutation that allows him to combine his body with technological tools and improve his physical abilities. Unknown funders finance this experiment. After the accident they will be hunting Joseph: their human guinea pig.

Next issue: TOOL: dominators #2




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